User Guide

The ITA App - Important Transport Alerts from Twitter


Step 1: View the latest news from @TheITAApp. Press the “Menu” button
Step 2: Choose to View all the tweets from London, New York or Sydney
Step 3: Choose your city, e.g. Sydney
Step 4: Select a Category, e.g. “Sydney Trains”
Step 5: Add your Tweet Handle to your Favourites list by pressing the Star symbol.
Or click on a row to view the Tweet alerts for that line.
Step 6: View Tweet alerts for that line

Step 7: Go all the way back to the Main Menu, and then Click on Favourites
Step 8: You have Quick Access to view your Favourite Alerts
Step 9: Screenshots of Other Cities - London
Step 10: London Special Event: Rugby World Cup 2015 Travel
Step 11: Rugby World Cup 2015 Travel
Step 12: Download it, Use it Daily,
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